First things first, The Pricetag on this tank is on the high side, no doubt about it. I paid $50 and I feel like it was money well spent. Easily my favorite tank I have used so far. Easy to fill, easy to RE-FILL. Durable, and incredibly unique looking. These are designed to work with the Bouge cartomizers, which is a plus for me because those are some of my favorite cartomizers. I prefer to use the LowRes cartomizers, wonderful vape. I would certainly pay $50 again for another Lavatank without a doubt. thank you so much for watching everyone :) here is the ECF thread (THOUSANDS OF PAGES LONG) where it all started.


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  1. GrimmGreen says:

    you want one because they are awesome , i’m sure your wife will understand ::)

  2. bobthesalesclerk says:

    @JIZQU. Check out the j tank from elcrtonicstix. Awesome boge car to tank.

  3. JIZQU says:

    hey grimm love your videos . ive been using smoketech tanks for a while now . i see this tank uses boge cartos . what other tanks do you recommend that use boge cartos .

  4. hoogerspeter says:

    I’d love one but it’s next to impossible for anyone in europe to get one, unless you really want to stay up till 5am for a tank :-) . Gotta hand it to jonboyusmc though, that guy knows marketing ;-)

  5. MrTobias1979 says:

    Hey grimm just tried these carto’s from mad vapes and I thought you should try them they’re listed as super shorty cartomizers they have them in different ohms as well. They’re a little shorter than a 510 atty so they look good with an ego cone and superb vapor try them

  6. evelwmn says:

    LOL I would love to have one, but getting one seems like way too much work….and I avoid work whenever possible. LOL

  7. Theshamruck says:

    Odd, I’ve dropped my Lavatube quite a bit actually and never had a problem. Neither has anyone I know who uses a Lavatube.

  8. mtvaper66 says:

    grimm i have a question i have some of those jotec tanks thew ones that take the cartos with that wider ring around the connector. for some reason they will just all of a sudden flooooood the carto. this normally happens when it sits over night. and they are brand new cartos with only 1 little hole punched. do u have a way to fix this

  9. GrimmGreen says:

    Interesting I like Madvapes, i’ll have to give it a look

  10. k0pper says:

    Dude thanks so much for the air over the hole tip. I ALWAYS flood my carto when putting the top on any tank. No more!

  11. osirisorion says:

    Nice review nick! the lava tanks look awesome! Hoping I can snag one from tonight’s sale!!

  12. steeljan says:

    Very beautiful. Tanks alot! ;)

  13. sishatomi1 says:

    I’m looking forward to vapestock. Who else is going?

  14. antsandlions says:

    was that taihiti breeze from pinkspot vapors? If so that stuff rocks

  15. beeqool says:

    what proportions were you using in this juice?

  16. WhisperingJackass says:

    Don’t do this to me Grimm… I just got a SS Liquinator, and now my wife won’t let me get a USMC… BUT I WANT IT!!! Not sure why, just do…

  17. GrimmGreen says:


  18. GrimmGreen says:

    ha ha , it’s a little work at first, then hassle free vaping for a long time after that.

  19. GrimmGreen says:

    Good luck!

  20. GrimmGreen says:

    i’m not :(

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