The Scorpion Mechanical Mod

I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions an…


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  1. Papa John says:

    I suggest “Grimm’s Scream”, “Grimm’s Stream” or Grimm’s Steam”.
    Enjoy the vacation, have fun
    May your marriage have a fair wind and a following sea for all your days to come.

  2. wayne castellino says:

    You are a saint, my vamo only comes out of its velvet pouch when I need a puff, I would faint if someone did that to one of my more precious mods..

  3. GrimmGreen says:

    ha ha ha , for science!

  4. Joseph Simoneau says:

    So, what you’re saying is that it’s a nemesis clone with fewer features, fewer options in finishes and accessories, and a higher price tag. Wow.

  5. GrimmGreen says:


  6. superchrist1000 says:

    go to, they have great clones, like the chi-you and sentinel that hit just as hard as the real thing. 20 – 30 bucks. free shipping. check out RipTrippers channel, he does comparisons.

  7. CountSmackula1 says:

    The Nemesis is the best switch on the market these days. Especially in terms in ease of adjustment, throw, etc. Strictly IMO…

  8. GrimmGreen says:

    Was it good for you?

  9. Ruby Roo says:

    I understand that scratching up the Scorpion is for SCIENCE but did you have to scratch up the Valkyrie too??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Ugh. Anyway, thanks for the review and have an AWESOME wedding and honeymoon. Word. Also, curtain shout out! One day you will show us what’s behind them, and it will be good.

  10. GrimmGreen says:

    yup yup, I have a G1 optimus prime as well that I might need to get out

  11. GrimmGreen says:

    Nothing is safe from the scratch tests :)

  12. TeslaWasHere says:

    Rocket surgeon here. I agree.

  13. Deathbystupidity says:

    How the hell is $200 affordable for every one? There are many people like me out there that can not or have a hard time affording a $60 mod let alone $200. I currently have a Volcano inferno that a friend gave me that i dont use because it does not hit that well and there is no where near me that sells e-juice or mods. I am not whining or or anything like that but when a company says they want to put out a mod every one can afford then slap a $200 price tag on it well that gets under my skin.

  14. GrimmGreen says:

    Mechanicals have no safety built into them. They are only more dangerous if you are treating your batteries poorly, and running too low of ohms on a battery that can’t handle it.

  15. GrimmGreen says:


  16. KemLyte Films says:

    Great vids, really look awesome.

  17. NevNYC says:

    Mod abuse!!!

  18. GrimmGreen says:

    Thanks Lynette! 

  19. GrimmGreen says:

    ha ha absolutely

  20. Ken Engle says:

    If you think that’s bad, then check SteamMonkey(Dot)Com at lease you can get it in all brass.

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